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Foto Malinda Dee (Inong Malinda) The Citibank Breaker

The Big Indonesian Criminality

Madam Melinda


The Spesial Women

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Melinda dee

The Senior Manager Citibank

Pihak Lapas menyatakan Bahwa tidak ada baju yang bisa dipakai Melinda dee

Melinda Dee
Malinda admit there are procedures that have been violated.  If you do not protest  dong why he was detained. What is clear  we are  in the  wrong position,  "said attorney Melinda Dee, Batara Simbolon, after visiting his client in the Criminal Investigation Police
However, Batara not explain the procedures that he langgat. "He admits, just where are we examine. We do not know. But certainly there is one. Is that we studied," he said

Batara said, in the examination today he admitted his client's proposed total of 49 questions by the investigators. However, he is as lawyers still have not found a woman violated the rules belasteran Aceh-Batavia.

"We value enough. But if there is a schedule again later we are ready (tested). Only a matter of reconstruction I do not know, please ask her polices," he said.

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