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Spesial El-Clasico: Barcelona VS Real Madrid

Football fans have a unique treat four drama El Clasico in the span of 18 days. El Clasico first, between Barcelona and Real Madrid, will happen this weekend.

Four meetings will be at the start of La Liga in Spain's domestic competition. Real Madrid the chance to host.

The next meeting occurs at a neutral venue, in the Estadio Mestalla, Valencia cage for Copa Del Rey final action. The next two games at the Santiago Bernabeu else happens again to the arena first leg Champions League semi-finals on April 27 and May 3 at the Nou Camp.

How did it later? Well, no one can guess. Rather than have to fumble final El Clasico drama, there are five matches Barcelona Real Madrid contract that also deserve attention. The five core values ​​are very important for each team.

May 13, 1902 - Real Madrid 1-3 Barcelona

In this fight could be called the start of the rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid. El Catalan victory over the Castilians in a match that is also a historic day for being the moment of coronation of King Alfonso XIII.

Joan Gamper, Swiss founder of Barcelona, ​​scored one goal in a match that took place at Estadio Hipodromo.

June 21, 1936 - Real Madrid 2-1 Barcelona

Less than a month before Spain was hit by civil war, the two teams met in the Spanish Cup final.

With the country in a state divided, Barcelona president Josep Sunyol troops killed by Francois du months later and many Barcelona players choose not to return from their tour to Mexico in the next year.

23 November 1960 - Barcelona 2-1 Real Madrid

By led Alfredo di Stefano, Real Madrid triumphed in European competition between 1956 and 1960. But Barcelona which eventually became the first team to undermine the dominance of Real Madrid a year later.

Barcelona and Real Madrid in the last 16 duel. In the first meeting at the Santiago Bernabeu, both teams played a draw. But in the second leg at home to Barcelona, ​​a 2-1 victory belongs to the host.

January 20, 1994 - Barcelona 5-0 Real Madrid

This score is identical to the results start to the season when both teams meet in league competition at the Nou Camp.

Is Johan Cruyff, who led Barcelona beat Real Madrid with a score of 5-0. Three goals in Barcelona in this match was created by one player, Romario. But the memories that only lasted a moment because the next season's turn Barcelona beat Real Madrid 5-0 at the Bernabeu with Ivan Zamorano scored a hat trick.

May 2, 2009 - Real Madrid 2-6 Barcelona

No one is denied if Barcelona win 5-0 at the Bernabeu in February 1974 by Johan Cruyff cs become one of the legendary game, but in the current era of modern football, Lionel Messi et al 6-2 in May 2009 that stole the attention of lovers of El Clasico .

Barcelona also confirmed their dominance by winning the treble in season title. Messi scored two goals and Thierry Henry as well. Two other goals are divided to two defender, Carles Puyol and Gerard Pique.

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